@hello does the other server have a mastodon instance? didn't think so :pwned:

whomst capitalises "with" in title case?

what's a good VLC dark theme skin?

buy a simple medium-sized stainless steel water bottle that isn't double-walled challenge (impossible)

finally a unified chat app (and it's built on matrix!): beeper.com

petition from the creator of pebble to get an oem making small android phones: smallandroidphone.com

if you're wondering who to follow on masto, check this out: communitywiki.org/trunk

Processing triggers for man-db (2.9.1-1) ... Progress: [ 99%]

@ralismark linked list probably :charranThink: although I think you can change where the old ones point later

every surface should be dark themed now

me doing empty cache and hard refresh for 5 minutes waiting for custom.css to update: :mike:

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